Purposely embarrass your partner.
  Put your partner down on a regular basis or frequently call them names.
  Use intimidation to get your partner to do what you want.
  Control what your partner does, who they talk to, or where they go.
  Prevent your partner from seeing friends or family members.
  Insist you have to be in control of the money.
  Have to make all the decisions.
  Tell your partner they are a bad parent or threaten to take away or hurt your children.
  Prevent your partner from working or attending school.
  Think that violence in a relationship is “normal”, “no big deal”, or deny your use of violence.
  Destroy property, punch holes in the wall, or break important things.
  Intimate your partner with guns, knives, or other weapons.
  Shove, slap, hit, or strangle your partner.
  Try to convince your partner not to get help, and if they do call 911, pressure them to lie or drop the charges.
  Threaten to commit suicide.
  Threaten to kill your partner.
  Force your partner to do things sexually.
  Child abuse or neglect.

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